These AreE The Foods That You Should Eat and Those That Do Not To Avoid Cancer, According To Expert

These AreE The Foods That You Should Eat and Those That Do Not To Avoid Cancer, According To Expert

To tune up the immune system and “avoid a relapse, take me: take a lot of vegetables and lots of fruit, be organic, and legumes not overcooked” (a recurrence is the reappearance of a disease, especially a malignant tumor). Joyeux emphasizes the importance of organic fruit and vegetables: “eating 400g of fruit and vegetables every day and exercising can reduce cancer cases by 30% to 40%.” Avoiding sugars, red meat and cow’s milk is important:

Being overweight increases the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphoma. Be very careful with foods that contain sugars with a high glycemic index such as pasta, which accumulate in the form of fat, and with sweeteners that reduce immune defenses.

It is already known for sure that the combination of sugars, alcohol and excess fats increases the probability of developing breast, uterine or prostate cancer; and also consume too many animal products, that is, red meat and dairy products.

Joyeux adds that the contraceptive pill is carcinogenic and hormone replacement therapy for menopause also increases the possibility of breast cancer. He points out that it is extremely important to chew food well, “at least 25 times a bite” for good digestion, and recommends cooking everything “with gentle steam, below 95 ° C “.

Although Joyeux’s recommendations may seem very common, the interesting thing about this is that they are the result of decades of treating patients and conducting research with animals that were generated cancer only with diets and were also treated with food.


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