The Common Sense Dieting Plan

The Common Sense Dieting Plan

Dieting has consumed this generation. The idea of the ideal weight has somehow managed to strip the public of it’s common sense. Running from pillar to post trying to be ‘healthy’ yet somehow always unsatisfied with the results or the lack of it. In this article today, we will come together and pledge to a new diet plan. This is called, ‘The Common Sense Diet Plan’.

The Problem – Diets have overtaken our ability to have fun. Supermarkets are flooded with over-packaging and expensive ‘superfoods’ and yet nobody understands half the ingredients. The perfect weight is a distant dream. We are all just fooling ourselves.

The Solution – The solution is very simple. We need to wake up from our deep slumber. We need to throw away all those fancy labeling and unlearn all the damaging information we have learned over the past years.

The Plan – Here are a few tips to get started. Baby steps are for the weak. If you are serious about losing weight get started now. Here’s how;

Care for the environment: Stop buying foods which are over packaged. Reduce your garbage by as much as seventy percent. Only buy fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably from a farmers’ market. Make fresh food everyday. It is not that difficult if weekends are used for prep.

A sample diet plan:


wholewheat pancakes with maple syrup or honey (1 tsp per pancake)


Sugar-free and fat-free yogurt (I make yogurt at home)


1 bowl of salad + protein (usually egg-whites) + barley


1 Fruit


1/2 cup rice/barley + a fistful of protein + salad

Late night Snack: Still hungry? You should go to bed 2 hours after dinner.

Store home-made clear vegetable soup at home for those hungry nights.

Grown your own: micro greens make a for power packed salad. These can be grown in small tubs or planters next to a window. If you have a garden, have a nice vegetable patch.

Exercise: You don’t need expensive gym memberships. Here is a list of amazing exercise ideas:

Walk – start with 10000 steps daily and go on till 15000 steps. You can do it

Run – Only twice a week is fine. Other days go back to walking

YouTube – Use it for other than the trending videos. It has an amazing collection of exercises, yoga videos, pilates videos. That’s how I started.

Hydration: We all know this one. But in case you have missed – Drink Water! Give up on all those sweetened drinks. Plain water is just fine. Cold water is great. I add a wedge of lemon to my bottle on alternate days. It clears my system.

Numbers: Don’t worry too much about the numbers. The number on the scale and those on the measuring tape will slowly decrease as you have a proper lifestyle and you will see the difference.

I call this the common sense diet plan. It is difficult to follow but will surely yield results. Ask yourself – when was easy good?

Source by Ruchi Bhave

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