The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet: What Is It?

This diet has been founded by Rachael Heller, MD along with Richard Heller, MD. This diet is based on the premise that some people are biologically addicted to carbs. Learn more to see if this is for you!

You may have already heard of the ketogenic diet, one of the more popular low carb diets that people use in an effort to effectively lose body fat.

Now there is another diet, somewhat similar in nature called The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet.

This diet has been founded by Rachael Heller, MD along with Richard Heller, MD and was first published back in 1993. Based on the premise that some people are actually biologically addicted to carbohydrates, this book held promise for those who seem to never be able to find energy and fight with constant food cravings during the day.

The Hellers stated that there are reasons, which are not yet clearly understood, that these individuals are not able to process food into energy properly and as a result, experience sustained high levels of insulin in the blood.

Because of this increase in insulin level that is kept high all day long, these people experience food cravings on a constant basis and have a very hard time turning away carbohydrate-containing foods.

The authors did state in the book however that this diet is not the diet for everyone to follow, and should be used with those who have this metabolic imbalance, which they predict is about 75% of the adults who are currently overweight.
So What Can You Eat?

On the “Carbohydrate Addicts Diet” you are limited in selection as to what you eat as obviously carbohydrates are going to be restricted.

First Two Weeks:

For the first two weeks of the diet you are only supposed to eat three small meals per day, two of which will include a small portion of meat or cheese and then two cups of vegetables along with a third meal which can be anything you desire.

It is recommended that this meal be nutritious however, to ensure you are meeting your daily requirement for the vitamins and minerals. The only restriction on this ‘reward’ meal, as they call it, is that you are only allowed to be eating within a one hour time span.


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