Oxalic Acid – The Cure For Cancer

Oxalic Acid – The Cure For Cancer

Daily, certain foods and beverages are revealed as great antioxidants. For example: carrots, spinach, broccoli, tea, nuts, berries, garlic, onions, grapes, red wine, herbs, spices, and chocolate are foods known to be great antioxidants. We hear about flavonoids and vitamins. It is estimated there are 4,000 identified flavonoids. Isolating each one and determining what effect each, or a combination of each, has on a specific disease is an endless pursuit without an answer. However, common sense and research reveals there is one common denominator in the foods known as great antioxidants. They are all high in oxalic acid.

Are you aware that every mammal on earth has oxalic acid as a normal blood value? Ask any doctor or researcher what its purpose is and the best answer they will give you is that it aides in bowel movement. So here we are with a surprisingly high quantity of oxalic acid running through our blood with no real purpose?

There isn’t a place on earth that a plant containing oxalic acid can’t be found. Weeds are the most tenacious of all plants and are rich in oxalic acid. This is no accidental occurrence. There is purpose.

Research oxalic acid and you’ll discover it’s a deadly poison. So, we have a deadly poison in all the foods that are great antioxidants. Huh? Stop and simply think. Rather than isolating the smallest compounds within foods and researching each, analyze each food known to be a great antioxidant and find the common compound in each. This is exactly what has been done by an amazing 85 year old warrior of a man deep in the hills of Arkansas. This man is Colonel Joe Hart.

When is the last time you knew of anyone being granted a patent for anything natural? That folks, never happens. It has for Colonel Joe. He has been granted three (3) Patents for the Application of oxalic acid for treatment of cancer, bacterial and viral infections, and vascular diseases. Why isn’t the medical community screaming its merits? I wonder if the fear that this would eliminate a trillion dollar yearly health industry have anything to do with it? Talk about an answer to our nation’s health care crisis.

Colonel Joe discovered the benefits of oxalic acid during 1992. Once oxalic acid was identified as the acid which kills cancer cells without harming normal cells, he was then able to identify what foods and environmental factors inhibited the therapeutic value of oxalic acid. His approach to eliminating disease by ingesting high oxalic acid foods, has resulted in cures of all kinds of cancer and disease. Do you need to pitch a tent in your backyard and live by a campfire? No. Is this going to cost a fortune? No. Do you need to travel to Mexico? No. Is the information freely given? Yes.

There is always a sacrifice for gain. Prepare to give up milk and cheese, citric acid (an additive found in far too many processed and canned goods), red meat, cell phones, microwaves, and alcohol. If this proves too difficult, you can always go in for…

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