Eating Chocolate Cake for Breakfast Is Good for You, This Is Why

Eating Chocolate Cake for Breakfast Is Good for You, This Is Why

Many of us feel tempted to eat a piece of cake for breakfast. In fact, ever since we were children, we wanted to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. Well, now it seems that science has finally made our lives easier.

According to a study, that took place at Syracuse University, chocolate cake can be great for the waistline and brain. To prove these findings, scientists reviewed 968 participants from 23 to 98 years old.

They observed the participant’s dietary habits without changing them during the study.

As the results claim, eating chocolate regularly can increase the cognitive performance, boost abstract thinking and memory.

Chocolate and Losing Weight

A different study at Tel Aviv University also studied the effects of chocolate. Their study, however, revealed something quite interesting. They concluded that eating chocolate cake for breakfast can help a person be more productive and work.

Furthermore, it can help someone lose weight.

Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz claims that the brain needs an adequate amount of energy to wake up in the morning immediately. Since the body converts the energy and food very efficiently in the morning, it is less likely for the cake to end up in the waistline.

In fact, the study claims that the only way to obtain these results is only if you eat the chocolate before 9 am.

According to the results, people who consumed carbohydrates, protein, and 600 calorie-desserts, lost slightly more weight than the ones who ate a 300 calorie-breakfast later than 9 am.

What Makes Chocolate So Good?

One of the main reasons why chocolate is great for the health is the cocoa beans. Cocoa beans contain flavonoids which can be great for the overall health. Here is why you should eat chocolate.

1. Boosts Circulation

Since chocolate can restore the flexibility to the arteries, it can prevent the white blood cells from sticking to the wall of the blood vessels. In other words, it prevents clogging.

2. Good for the Heart

According to research, chocolate can reduce the risk of stroke by a shocking 17%. Therefore, consuming chocolate can make the heart stronger and less prone to disease.

3. Rich in Minerals

This tasty treat contains plenty of minerals. Like potassium, selenium, iron, zinc, and selenium. In fact, 100g of chocolate that is 70% cocoa, contains an amazing 67% of the recommended daily amount of iron.

That is a lot of iron!

4. It is Good for the Skin

The flavonols in chocolate can protect the skin from damage, especially sun damage. However, you shouldn’t replace sun creams with chocolate.

5. It Makes You Feel Great

This delicious treat contains phenylethylamine, which is the same chemical that our brain creates when we fall in love. In other words, chocolate encourages the brain to release these amazing emotions that will make us feel great.

Now that you know how good chocolate cake is, you no longer have to stress over eating it for breakfast. After all, life is too short to stress over the little things.


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