Best Abs Program You’ve Never Tried


Crunch. Leg raise. Plank. Repeat. By now, you’ve probably seen so many abs workouts that you could write one on your own. And yet, you don’t feel like you have the body to show for it. That’s because the lean, sexy belly you want takes a little more variety, creativity (and fun). This workout delivers all of those and will have you believing why this really is better than anything you’ve tried before.

How to do this Workout ?

Perform the following workout 1-2 times per week. Make sure that you never perform these exercises on back-to-back days.

Complete the exercises as straight sets by performing all sets of a given exercise before moving on to the next. Make sure you rest as needed in between before moving on to the next.

Circuit : Do 1 set of each exercise in a group consecutively, without rests in between. Once  these exercises have been completed, repeat the circuit again Рdoing 1 set of each with no rests in between. Continue until prescribed number of total sets are performed

Strength : Complete all sets of an exercise at the same time with rests in between. Then move to the next exercise.

Superset : Two moves done consecutively (like a circuit) with no rests in between.

Exercises in this Routine

Representative image : Kneeling PlankRepresentative image : Body Bar Oblique TwistRepresentative image : Abs JabsRepresentative image : SquatRepresentative image : Circular Arm CrunchRepresentative image : Elevator AbsRepresentative image : Standing Cable CrunchRepresentative image : Plank with Feet on Swiss BallRepresentative image : Half-Turkish Get-upRepresentative image : Alternating Sit-upRepresentative image : Wall BallRepresentative image : Dead BugRepresentative image : Medicine Ball Alternating V-up


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