3 Simple Meditation Practices for Type A Personalities

Looking to start a meditation practice but short on time? Try these 3 simple meditations to bring a moment of clarity into your busy life.

Work harder, reach higher, and exceed expectations. Finding a moment of stillness during the day can be challenging, particularly for the Type A Personality. Constant movement becomes a measure of the day’s success: how many items did you cross off that to-do list? How many things can you fit into that 8-hour workday? What did you achieve today? The 3 simple meditations will help you reconnect with your inner light and reunite with our collective consciousness.

1. Meditation for Clarity and Mindfulness

Visualize that your “true self” lives within the heart and is symbolized by a lotus. Feel this lotus reside in your heart. In the center of the lotus, you see the radiant light of your higher self. Focus your inner gaze upon this peaceful light. Allow the breath to flow organically as you become illuminated by your beautiful inner light.

2. Meditation for Decision-Making

Having trouble with decision-making? Try this super simple mantra to clear away the fears and obstacles blocking you from making focused and (higher) self-serving choices:  Shivohum (Shiv-Oh-Hum).  Easy, right? This 3-syllable mantra means, “I am That”, which helps align you with the Divine within and around you. Chanting Shivohum awakens the natural state of happiness within. The sound “HUM” stimulates the throat chakra and the thyroid, allowing us the confidence to speak our Truth with clarity and integrity. This mantra also resonates with the 3rd eye chakra and the pineal gland, which helps awaken our inner wisdom. By chanting Shivohum, we build trust in our own wisdom to help us make decisions free from fear and full of confidence and grace.

3. Basic Meditation

Light a candle.  Sit for a few moments with a soft gaze. Let your thoughts dance with the flickering light. As the flame begins to find its stillness, surrender to the quiet and the space between thoughts. The space between breaths. Let go. Let the mind do as it will and become a silent observer of your thoughts. Be the audience, not the actor. Become detached. Allow the breath to soften. Be the silent witness to your organic breath. Start with “Om” mantra. It all begins and ends there. Once you feel the vibration of “Om”, expand to “Om Namah Shivayah” (om nuh-muh shiv-eye-uh).  Have fun with the struggles, allow them to be your guides, teaching you the real meaning of strength. You are your own limitation, your own greatness. Your strength is only limited by your thoughts. Allow yourself to be strong. Give yourself permission to just BE.

Meditation is a journey, not a destination. Take every small step with the awareness and respect of your beautiful imprint.

Now you can cross “Daily Meditation” off that to-do list.

Source: https://yoga.com

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