3 Quick Exercises For Your Best Butt Ever

3 Quick Exercises For Your Best Butt Ever

These three quick exercises will help you tone your glutes, quads, hamstrings and abs. Should we say anything more? No, just enjoy bringing your body to perfection.

  1. The Kick Back

Bring yourself on your four, and set your hands right below your shoulders. Your knees should be right under your hips. Now, bring the right knee towards your chest, suck your stomach in, and bend your back.

Kick your leg back, and bring your food towards the ceiling. Extend your leg, and bring your knee towards the chest. Do 15 repetitions, and make sure your knee is off the ground while doing it. Switch legs, and aim for two sets.

  1. The kick back with a pulse

Repeat the instructions of the previous exercise, but this time you have to pulse your leg while raising it and lower your foot for 6 inches. Do 3 pulses. Your goal is to do 15 repetitions with each leg. That would be two sets.

  1. The curtsy lunge

Stand with your legs apart, and keep your arms relaxed. Lean the chest forward, kneel on one leg, and bring your hands together in front of the chest. This is pretty much like the curtsy position.

Push off the foot, and bring your body in the initial position, while extending your leg to the side. Do 15 repetitions and switch legs. For optimal results, do 3 sets.

You can also check the video below for more Butt Workouts

: www.cosmopolitan.com

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